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British roller derby chamionship

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April 13th 2015

Crackers to take on France!..

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April 11th 2015

On Saturday the Crackers had a stall at Signal Film and Medias...


April 1st 2015

Firecrackers AGM - new committee members and future plans..


March 25th 2015

We are still looking for a home venue - can you help?


Referees & Officials

Referees picThe backbone of the game. No team would be able to compete, without a full team of Refs and NSO's (Non skating officials).

Whether choosing to become a Referee or an NSO, both require enthusiasm and a love of learning.

Rule knowledge is key, and guaranteed every game, you will come away learning something new.

Whatever your skill ability, there is a suitable role, becoming an official is often the best way to learn the game & build ability. Get intouch..


What is roller derby?

Roller derby is a full-contact sport played on quad roller skates, by players skating around an elliptical track. The game consists of a series of two-minute countdown jams.

At the start of each jam, each team sends five players onto the track: one Jammer (point scorer), three blockers (defensive/offensive players) and one Pivot (a special kind of blocker). The players are identified by their helmet covers a stripe for the pivots and two stars for the Jammers. The pivots and blockers form a pack at the start line and the two Jammers line up on or behind the Jammer line. The Jammers’ aim is to make it through the pack of skaters and skate a full lap to enter the pack again. Once they re-enter the pack, they score a point for each opposing skater they pass legally.

Now for the fun bit, the skaters in the pack are doing their utmost to stop the opposing Jammer passing them and scoring points, while at the same time trying to help their own Jammer to pass opposing players. They do this by landing heavy shoulder or hip checks on opposing players, shoving them out of the way or knocking them to the ground. Skaters may use specifics parts of their body to engage opponents, and skaters may only target their engagements to specific parts of their opponents’ bodies. Illegal hits result in time served in the penalty box, legal hits often result in skaters flying off the track and landing in the crowd!

The game is fast and furious and full of adrenaline, once you see it you’ll be hooked.