Furness Firecrackers roller derby league

Women's roller derby teams - Crackers & Flaming Noras

Furness Firecracker committee members

Sarah Duffin - Baddie Long Legs (Duffers)

Duffers joined the Firecrackers in 2012, she quickly took a keen and active interest in the running of the league by becoming women's member rep after just a couple of months. Duffers has already served a period of time on the committee as secretary where she was instrumental in developing the growing professionalism of the league introducing new policies and procedures to secure the fair, smooth and efficient day to day running of the club ensuring accountability to members and interested parties.

Duffers has a background in nursing and management and brings the interpersonal, negotiating and organisational skills she has developed over the years to her role as Chair. Duffers is highly motivated to build on the current success of the league and is dedicated to ensuring that the Furness Firecrackers keep their mission statement at the centre of the league's decision making process.

Beth Thompson (Squeak)
League Secretary

Beth took an interest in Roller Derby and began NSOing at weekly scrims, but then became eager to play so she signed up to the newbie programme in June 2015, going onto pass Minimum Skills and is now a member of the women's team & thirsty to learn new skills. Often volunteering to help in any way she could, Beth was eager to participate in the running of the league and did this by becoming the League Secretary.

Beth was a Quality Assurance Technician at BAE Systems, and has just recently been offered a new job as a Quality Engineer. With her past experience, She is very familiar with introducing, writing and updating policies and processes and ensuring that those who work in line with these are compliant, having the experience of auditing to ensure the business has the assurance that this is happening. Additionally, with the experience of managing apprentices, She is familiar with having to approach awkward situations and has used this management opportunity to develop her people and management skills. Beth is a dedicated member of the League and fully intends to be a part of the club's successful future.

Josh Holder (Bosh)
Recruitment and Retention

Josh joined the Furness Firecrackers in February 2013, shortly after moving to the Barrow area. He quickly came to appreciate the sport of Roller Derby and the friendly community it provided. Wanting to help the league continue from strength to strength he took on the role of Recruitment and Retention in December 2014.

Josh brings experience from holding two committee positions in sports clubs whilst at University and transferable skills from his job as a Manufacturing Engineer. He is level headed, organised and self-motivated which is shown from his contribution which has included: recruitment drives, organising newbie intakes and taking a lead on writing new club policy.

Contact Josh if you are interested in joining the Furness Firecrackers

Donna McDonald (Doh)
League Development

Doh has been a Furness Firecracker since the league's inception in 2010. As a long standing member Doh's heart lies In Ensuring the league's continued success through the development of each and every member, be they rookie skater, referee or league veteran.

Doh leads and coordinates the coaching team ensuring quality throughout the various training sessions, she is able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the league utilising in house talents to address deficits where possible but also sourcing additional input through guest coaching and bootcamps where appropriate.

As a self-employed business woman Doh is no stranger to hard work and dedicates much of her time to coaching. Doh has drawn on her previous teaching experience to coach the men's team to a world ranking of 18th, she uses this knowledge and skill to ensure the league's future by also coaching the weekly "newbie skaters" offering them the best possible start in their roller derby careers! Doh also offers tailor made boot camps to other teams generating additional income for our league.

Rebecca Jones
Media and PR

Cakey joined the league 2 and a half years ago, with every intention of becoming a Zebra. From the offset her true skills of organising, note taking and promotion out weighed her skating ability. Cakey has helped organise the majority of the league's home games and worked as bout manager for them. Cakey has also been part of the four man team who has organised the league's two successful Sur5al tournaments.

Cakey's role as a manager at Marks and Spencer's has given her the skills that she has successfully transferred to the league, like building links with the local paper and radio station. If you ask her, Cakey will tell you that nothing is more important to her than promoting the league and it's successes, along with where the next Krispy Kreme is coming from!

Heather Leigh - Hell for Heather (Faragher)
Finance Officer

Faragher was one of the original starting members from back in 2010. Having seen the club grow from its earliest roots, she knows the time and effort that have gone into making it the success it is today and is aware of the history and tribulations we've faced over the time. She has been a committed and enthusiastic leader within the league for all that time, giving her time as a coach for both the women's A team and B teams at various points and also taking on the Line Up Manager's role for the women's B team.

As a primary school teacher, patience and attention to detail are two of Faragher's greatest strengths. These are attributes she brings to her finance role in the League. Her meticulous organisation and excellent team working skills means she can can co-ordinate the finances of the League with success and plan for future development with confidence.

Simon York - (Duke of York)
Bout Liason