Furness Firecrackers roller derby league

Women's roller derby teams - Crackers & Flaming Noras

Crackers at Signal Films Spring Fair.

On Saturday Crackers at Springfairthe Crackers had a stall at Signal Film and Medias, Community Spring fair. Situated on the lovely Isle of Walney, we grabbed to opportunity to showcase the league, and potentially sign up fresh meat for our next newbie intake. We also took along our merch, incase any fans were lurking around!

Our main aim was to stand out, which we achieved armed with game footage, our newspaper clippings and the new, exclusive 'Infernos' foam fingers! Weeble and Duffers also showcased their skating skills, handing out leaflets. They even managed to catch our local MP!

All in all it was a fun day, giving us the opportunity to get the league recognised within the community.